Windfall Maker Program

Hello Makers.

We are so excited to invite you to Windfall! 

How does this work?

What we’ll do is add your product(s) to Windfall. You set the price, description, and everything else. When someone places the order, it’ll get processed through Windfall and then we’ll send the order details to you.

When you sell anything online, there are credit card processing fees, so that’ll be taken out of your proceeds, but other than that you’ll get 100% of the cash. Windfall is an app, so individuals will need to download it once made available to shop for your products.

Euphoria will retain one category on the homepage to promote our own products, but it will be secondary to our community collaborators (like yourself).

It’ll be on you to send the customer the product once they purchase it, and we’ll be here to deal with a dispute or in case a customer isn’t happy, but this will more be about you as an artist as we are the platform. And if you’re experimenting with a product, you can add it into Early Access which will allow people to see the product, sign up for a push notification if it’s ever launched, which can give you an immediate platform to sell your goods once made available.

You can sell products today and participate in Early Access on a product-by-product basis.

When thinking about participating on Windfall, it's important to consider the following:

  1. You'll need to send over your artwork, product photos, price, quantity, and other details. If you need help with manufacturing your products, we can work with our vendor (Printful) to help sell products at scale. Otherwise, you are free to sell one of a kind products.

    If you are interested in utilizing our vendors, Printful takes artwork and prints them on demand onto various products. You set your profit margin, upload the art, and then they take care of printing, shipping, returns, etc. It’s a fantastic system. Your margin is lower, but if you have some designs you can upload them across various products and see what sells. Effectively, it is infinite inventory without any overhead:

    You can experiment with Printful products @

    We’d be happy to upload your designs into our Printful account (which would have them show up on WindFall). We’d mostly just need your art, which products you’d like to sell it on, and then we’d do the uploading (and formatting if need be).

  2. Ask us question you may have. We’re new to this, so we’ll be leaning on folks like you to help shape and guide this platform. If we’re missing something, let us know.

  3. Let us know if we can create any promotional art for your purposes or if we can promote you on Euphoria’s channels.

    We're here to help makers big and small. So if this feels at all confusing or if you'd like a helper, feel free to reach out via email at Hello@Euphoria.LGBT
How do I sign up?
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